Kris Johnson specializes in "documentary-style productions with a twist." These thought-provoking human-interest productions are less traditional and more entertaining; informational with advertising, marketing and fundraising sensibilities. Whether it's a factory worker in China, an executive in Scotland or adults with developmental disabilities, Kris is able to work with interviewees to make them feel comfortable, be expressive and tell a compelling story.

Kris, an award-winning director, works through krisfilms, her full-service creative production company, as well as with larger production companies around the country.

From creative and script development to directing talent and interviewing real people, from working with large and small crews to designing graphics, selecting music and editing, Kris serves as a strong and thoughtful leader throughout the entire production process, taking ownership in a way that engenders confidence and yields an engaging and impactful film.

Clients include Diageo Chateau and Estate Wines, Treasury Wine Estates, Levi Strauss & Co., Stanford Graduate School of Business, Vanderbyl Designs, Morla Design, Stanford University, Berkeley School of Law, Amgen, Jamba Juice, Design Within Reach, Walmart, The Home Depot, Adobe, DigiDesign, Hewlett Packard, SUN, The Regeneration Project, The ARC of San Francisco, Visa and many others.


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Kris Johnson, Director